1. Are the meals fresh or frozen?

All meals are fresh, never frozen. All the meals are prepared the day before pickup date.

2. Can I freeze my meals?

Yes! Just put them in the refrigerator over night to let them slowly thaw out before heating them up. 

3. What is the shelf life of the meals?

4 days refrigerated. Up to 30 days frozen.

4. What are the heating instructions?

Microwave for 1-2 minutes or until heated through (165F). Or heat oven to 325 degrees, put contents of a package in the oven proved pan and heat it through out. Or put all contents in a skillet and heat it thoroughly. Wraps don't need to be heated, they are served cold.  

5. Do you use preservatives?

No, we use absolutely no preservatives.

6. Is there a minimum purchase?

No, there is no minimum purchase.

7. When do orders have to be submitted for the following week's pickup?

Place your order anytime before 6pm Friday to get your meals following Sunday or Monday. Place your order anytime before 2pm Saturday to get your meals following Tuesday or Wednesday. 

8. Where can I find pickup locations and pickup dates?

You can find all our pickup locations, pickup dates, cut off times in the Main Tab called Pickup Locations 

9. Do the meals have nutrition information?

Yes, each meal has nutrition information on the bottom of the package. 

10. Is there a subscription?

No, there is no subscription. You can place your order anytime you need the meals.

11. If I order meals in advance when they will be prepared?

All the meals are always prepared the day before pickup date. You can place several orders with different pickup dates but the meals will be prepared only the day before orders's pickup date.