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White fish and broccoli


White Fish (Cod) (4oz) {"label":"White Fish (Cod) (4oz)","price":"","image":"","price_type":"flat_fee","checked":"white-fish-cod-4oz","allergens":"","calories":0,"protein":0,"carbs":0,"fat":0,"fiber":0,"sugar":0,"sodium":0,"ingredients":"white_fish_(cod)","ingamounts":"1","ingramounts":"1","ingshows":"true","ingredients_desc":""}

Broccoli (6oz) {"label":"Broccoli (6oz)","price":"","image":"","price_type":"flat_fee","checked":"broccoli-6oz","allergens":"","calories":0,"protein":0,"carbs":0,"fat":0,"fiber":0,"sugar":0,"sodium":0,"ingredients":"broccoli","ingamounts":"6","ingramounts":"6","ingshows":"true","ingredients_desc":""}

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Product Highlights


Nutrition Facts

18g Protein
3g Fat
6g Carbs

How to prepare

Microwave image

Microwave: heat for 1-2.5 min. or until heated through (165 F)

Skillet image

Skillet: place contents of the package into a skillet and heat it through (165 F)

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