*NEW* Athletic Pack (5 meals) - Mix Pack

Great news!!

We added new 6oz of protein options!!

So many of you asked for these options.

This package is mostly built for men's meal plans or active athletes' meal plans.

Each meal contains 6oz (cooked weight) of protein and 8oz (total) of sides. Net weight of a meal is 14oz.

This package includes:

Chicken (lightly salt, black pepper), sweet potato (no seasoning), asparagus (no seasoning) 267 cal, 37g prot, 29g carbs, 3g fat, 230mg sodium

Chicken (lightly salt, black pepper), mixed vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, squash, garlic pepper seasoning) 230 cal, 38g prot, 15g carbs, 3g fat, 250mg sodium

White fish Cod (garlic pepper seasoning, lemon juice), jasmine rice (no seasoning), green beans (no seasoning) 280 cal, 24g prot, 33g carbs, 5g fat, 250mg sodium

Steak (lightly salt, black pepper), jasmine rice (no seasoning), broccoli (no seasoning) 440 cal, 50g prot, 32g carbs, 10g fat, 200mg sodium

Steak (lightly salt, black pepper), asparagus (no seasoning) 330 cal, 51g prot, 9g carbs, 10g fat, 200mg sodium

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